Our Mission

The HBAA is the voice and advocate of Hellenic businesses in Albania, fostering bilateral socio-economic relations between the two countries, as well as supporting its members in developing and protecting their business activities as integral part of the local community.



The development and strengthening of mutual economic, trade, industrial and general business investment, educational, political, developmental, and any other kind relations, contacts and ties between Albania and Greece.
Develop and promote further cooperation between the two countries, both Greek and Albanian businesses, its marketing, trade, industry and investment.
Further development of the spirit of mutual assistance between the two countries

The HBAA fulfill the above purposes, to:

  • Tin collection, processing, exchange and dissemination of information on the economy, trade, industry and the general socio-political conditions of the two countries.
  • The research and the study of development instruments of Greek commerce and industry in Albania and Albania to Greece.
  • To maintain contacts with the authorities, organizations, committees and chambers of the two countries, to facilitate mutual economic and trade.
  • The establishment of contacts and development of relations and links between Albanian and Greek businessmen.
  • The preparation of studies, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and other presentations about the development of relations and further promote economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and the Albanian and Greek businessmen.
  • The Union is entitled to represent, at their request, national and international organizations, institutions, chambers of commerce and other similar organizations or otherwise, to develop activities related to its purposes.
  • Provide advice on the development of social and economic life in Albania, taking part in such programs as well as through the organization of progressive political and humanitarian presentations and by initiating and developing relevant initiatives and activities.
  • The publication of information sheets and information of its members, the issue of the official journal and electronic and creating relevant website on the Internet.
  • The establishment of library and Information Bank.
  • The initiative for mediation and arbitration of friendly settlement and understanding conflicts that may arise between members of the Union and of the Albanian Administration.
  • The design and consulting services for the conclusion of trade agreements.
  • The active participation in the training process of the bills, resolutions and proposals related to the improvement, promotion, support and protection of the legitimate interests of the ‘Union.
  • The organization of radio and television broadcasts and interviews in      electronic media and the media in order to inform the public about the   activities of ‘Union, and developing partnerships with other natural or legal persons, public organizations, financial institutions, chambers of commerce and other organizations with same or similar purposes as they operate in the development of business relations between Greece and Albania.
  • The conclusion of financial agreements on behalf of its members and the   progress of the development of industrial areas, commercial centers and periodic reports or finite time.
  • The granting of licenses for commercial activities performed by each member of the Union.
  • The cooperation with the Greek and Albanian authorities on issues related to the development of economic, trade and industrial relations between the two countries.
    The taking of any other action and initiative that would contribute to achieving the Union’s objectives.